Personal Leadership or Personal Management?

What’s best, knowing how to lead yourself or knowing how to manage yourself? Which comes first, which is more important?

I always thought being efficient is most important. Getting the most amount of work done in the least amount of time, finding shortcuts, putting in the hours where I thought was most important. I’m sure most of us have been there before right?

Sometimes we think we’re on the right track, because we are doing so much work, we appear so efficient to ourselves. But then the results don’t agree. We were able to manage ourselves, but we still didn’t achieve the goals we wanted, that mark we hoped for, that A+ we worked so hard for.

This is where personal leadership comes into play.

Leadership deals with the ‘what’ of the things one aims to achieve, whereas management deals with the ‘how’.

Self leadership forms your paradigm, the way you see things. What you aim to accomplish, your purpose, as directed by your principles and values.

In the words of Stephen Covey, ‘Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether that ladder is lean…ing against the correct wall’.

We are primarily in need of a vision, and a compass to give us direction. Personal leadership helps us find that, and once we do, our efforts will not be in vain. It is only then we can become most efficient, powered on by personal management, producing amazing results.

The qualities of good personal leadership include the ability to be dynamic, to shift with different circumstances.

This requires us to constantly monitor our environment and ourselves, to find what stunts our progress and what pushes us forward. To disregard matters outside our circle of influence.

‘No management success can compensate for failure in leadership,’

Developing a sense of direction and purpose through personal leadership will help make clear your priorities. Then management skills come in to help you achieve those priorities most efficiently.

Personal leadership is first and management second.

What is your vision? What are the correct principles you must follow? Align yourself with the moral compass Allah has provided every one of us Muslims.

Then work on how you can achieve that vision.


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In pursuit of the peak performance lifestyle.
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