How to Conquer Time to do the Things You Want

‘Ain’t nobody got time for dat’ – Lazy people

We’ve all heard that one before, whether on Facebook, or from some know-it-all kid on the bus ride to school. An idea to do something comes until its obliterated by the thought ‘I don’t have the time’. I believe otherwise.

Do you want to do things you absolutely love? Do you hate procrastinating? Do you dread that feeling you get after you spend 3 hours on Youtube on a Tuesday night watching a cricket get eaten by a spider and be left wondering, ‘How did I get here from Captain America trailer #2?’ If you do, then read on.

Time is your #1 commodity. Everyone is rich with time. How you choose to spend it can make or break you.

So how can you conquer time? Using the principles of radical exclusion and elimination. Here are the key points:

  1. Eliminate all unnecessary time wasters. This is independent of relaxation activities. We waste time on things we don’t need to do, so eliminate them. This includes the little details in your studies that produce little output, interrupting text messages, video games (yes, video games).
  2. Batch activities together. I check Facebook and email (personal and uni-related) once a week. This means I don’t login 34 times a day to check if someone liked my comment to feel 2 seconds of temporary gratification (if this is you, you need serious help). Let all notifications and emails accumulate and allow 1 hour per week for cleanup.
  3. Reduce ‘screen-time’. Screen time is any time in front of TV, your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Having a to-do list before you buckle up on that computer is a MUST. If you don’t have work to do, and you want to relax, sitting in front of a screen is not the way to do it. Purpose-less, excessive, unnecessary screen usage is poison to your mind and soul. Trust me, I’ve been there. That ain’t living.

Challenge (for those who like to say ‘Challenge accepted’) : Eliminate these activities for 1 week:

  • Facebook
  • TV
  • Video Games
  • Smartphone (swap for button phone)
  • Youtube

Note: Expect withdrawal symptoms (maybe even insanity), it will be painful, but do it anyways. See how you feel at the end of it.

When you’ve eliminated so much unnecessary junk from your life, you’ll be left with a void, and a thought: ‘what do I do now?’. This part is pivotal. Be absolutely careful not to fall back to old habits for the sake of it. If you’ve entirely eliminated TV viewing for example, don’t fall back, stay strong.

Now is the time to fill the void with what truly matters to you. All those things you wanted to do but supposedly didn’t have time for. Learning a new skill, reading a book, memorizing Quran, working towards starting your own micro business, spending true relaxing time with your family, exercising… the list is endless.

So to that kid on the bus, I say you’re wrong, there is time for ‘dat’.


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In pursuit of the peak performance lifestyle.
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