7 Valuable Productivity Hacks for the Neurotic (Like myself)

It takes up an A6 sized piece of paper. Seven pointers of productivity and efficacy I’d accumulated over seven months in 2014. Each had been tested, experimented with and revised, and were all now just a few millilitres of ink on paper, pinned onto my cork board.

  1. Cultivate selective ignorance ie. The Low-Information Diet. News is junk food for your mind. Most of the information you encounter daily is usually unnecessary and useless. Any information you consume which cannot be used immediately to better your situation is useless and distracting. Stay clear of it. It will save you time and attention, not to mention your piece of mind.

  2. Eliminate time-wasters.  We waste time on things we don’t need to do. So eliminate them. This will instantly cut down at least 50% of your activities and liberate you with 50% more time to do the important things you could never get down to.

  3. Automate and batch activities. You wake up every day with a certain amount of decision making power. Don’t waste it on deciding what to eat for breakfast, or what to wear, rather, create routines to automate most of your decision making. Allow to-dos to accumulate and do them in lots at set periods of time throughout the day or week. Don’t stay up to date. Catch up instead.

  4. Eliminate time consuming people. You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. You don’t need more than a few friends to stay sane. Tom Hanks lived on an island for four years with a ball named Wilson. He turned out okay. Identify the people in your life which produce incremental happiness but significant time wastage and eliminate them. Not literally… I hope.

  5. Always look for new and efficient methods. How you do something doesn’t have to be the same because everyone does it, or because it results in acceptable output. Be creative and think of better ways of doing things. Everything popular is wrong. Use unconventional methods and challenge the status quo to find better ways that result in greater effective output.

  6. Eliminate back and forth communication, provide solutions. Be the problem solver. Provide an answer when you’re asked on where to eat, or what time to meet, or what movie to watch, or what your best offer is. Don’t just say ‘I donno, whatchu think?’. Take control of the situation.

  7. Take a ‘screen fast’ once a week. A digital sabbath if you will. Pick a day (preferably Saturday or Sunday) where you make an oath not to touch that laptop, tablet, or phone. Phone calls are okay. But the point is to gain perspective on your electronics usage and truly unplug by going cave-man style for a day. Go outside, hang with your family, read a good book. Instagram selfies can wait.

And an 8th, (the most important):

Have a positive relationship with Allah. Personally, my most happiest and productive times were when I had a positive relationship with Allah. Having Allah on your side is powerful, and it can help in all areas of your life, guaranteed. Peace of mind, contentment, inner peace and calmness that comes from obeying Allah and keeping from sin are all requirements to being the ultimate productivity and effectiveness beast.

Those are my most useful (and guaranteed to work) tips in becoming an effectiveness bawss and a more pro-active person all round. Use them together to blow up your productivity and ultimately kill and bury procrastination.


About Masood

In pursuit of the peak performance lifestyle.
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