What Do You Create?

The stuff we do everyday can be divided into two categories:

  1. Passive, reactive, organising, responding stuff
  2. Active, creative, creating, progressing stuff

Category 1 gets you no where, makes you feel a tiny bit better (if it even does), and gives you an illusionary feeling of feeling productive – where in the long run you know you haven’t really improved your overall situation.

Category 2 is what life is all about. Its the fuel that drives true happiness. It moves you forward, allows you to reach your potential and even expand your limits.

I’ve been in holidays for over 3 months now. Days have gone by at a time when I feel like absolute crap. And its because my days were filled with category 1 activities and almost none of category 2.

My room was messy, so I cleaned it up. It was time to check webmail so I did. Had some to do’s to do so I did them. How did I feel afterwards? Meh.

I’d start to get lost into these everyday minutiae. The unimportant became the ‘important’. I’d start to lose perspective.

And it was sad.

Because I’d always knew that apart from school or uni or work, if I had nothing to do, it was an indicator of how mediocre my life was. And how i’d be wasting my youth and potential away.

Having ‘nothing to do’, for me, is failure.

There needs to be a project, a goal that you work on, day in and day out for weeks or even months. That pushes you and motivates you and at the same time you love it. Because you’re crafting something original.

Whether its learning a new skill, or practicing a sport, or getting to your goal weight, or achieving some sort of feat – whatever it is.

Writing this right now, truly makes me happy. Because I’m creating. I’m being creative, not passive.

What gets your creative juices going? What would get you fired up every morning? Find it and do it.

Commit to doing just one creative thing everyday. Just one.


What are some things you’d love to learn or stuff you’d love to create? Share them in the comments below 🙂



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In pursuit of the peak performance lifestyle.
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