What we learn in school is never adequate for the lives we live beyond it. We are given set paths and are forced to tick a checkbox we never created. We believe success is through persistent hard work and dedication towards a university degree. Have you noticed that successful people never made it big by working 9 – 5, 5 days  a week? 

It is the system we live in that is designed and planned to keep us all average, suppressing our full potential for greatness. There are way too many distractions in our daily lives such as television, movies, the entertainment industry, music, even sports. All these factors stand in our way of releasing the energy that lies within every young muslim.

How can we change, release our potential and become superhuman? It all starts with an idea. An idea to inspire, motivate and push us to get off our backsides and into the world, seeking to contribute and make considerable impact on the world around as 21st century young muslims, uplifting the name of our Deen while achieving amazing success in this life and the next.


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