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The Good Student

Who is the good student? Who is this elusive creature? This being we all wanted to be at some point in our academic lives. Does it even exist? Or is it nothing more than a myth, a legend. These are … Continue reading

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How to Complete Your Assignments Quickly While Keeping Your Sanity Intact

This assignment will be the end of me. Two hours before submission and I was still working on the discussion. If only I’d started a week earlier I wouldn’t have come to the library today to work on it. Plus … Continue reading

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What Do You Create?

The stuff we do everyday can be divided into two categories: Passive, reactive, organising, responding stuff Active, creative, creating, progressing stuff Category 1 gets you no where, makes you feel a tiny bit better (if it even does), and gives … Continue reading

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Tips for First Year of Uni: Advice from an Ex-Fresher (Yours Truly)

‘Whats your best advice for someone going into first year?’ The people I asked couldn’t offer much extensive advice in a few minutes of chatter though. So, In this post, i’ll attempt to share some stuff I would’ve appreciated to … Continue reading

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A New Year, So What! Some Philosophy and Three Practical Tips

I know there’e epic loads of new year articles and blog posts about change and new year resolutions out there in the inter-webs. I’ll try not to make this one of those. My take is a hopefully a little different. … Continue reading

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Possessions, Stuff and a Guide on How to Buy Smart

‘A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.’ – Steve Jobs We all want things. We sometimes want them so badly, we ‘need’ them. To satisfy those wants, we have to spend … Continue reading

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7 Valuable Productivity Hacks for the Neurotic (Like myself)

It takes up an A6 sized piece of paper. Seven pointers of productivity and efficacy I’d accumulated over seven months in 2014. Each had been tested, experimented with and revised, and were all now just a few millilitres of ink on … Continue reading

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